Please Dry Clean Only

So many high street labels state “dry clean only” on its garment these days, it really pisses me off.  Why would I pay $30 for a skirt and then send it for dry cleaning?

And then I discovered Thai label, DRYCLEANONLY.  Using vintage clothing, designer Patipat Chaipukdee modifies and reinvent each garment into something unique and one of a kind.  Expect handcrafted embroidery, bead work and ornamentation; all completely hand made.  It is stated, “Slight irregularities or variations should not be regarded as defective or damaged, but rather a testament to the garment’s unique beauty.”

The brand is not a kept secret, even Rihanna has been spotted in their tee.

You have to view each piece up close because the craftwork that goes into the garments is amazing.  Their tees are definitely statement pieces and no questions asked, dry clean only.

If you are in Bangkok, you are find them at Jatujak weekend market section 3, soi 2 or Central World, Zen departmental store, level 2.

x Sybil

(Images from DRYCLEANONLY)

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  1. Wow, Many Thanks for your article .
    We appriciated it !!


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