A different kind of weird: Krisztianna

When I first saw one of Krisztianna‘s works close up, I thought it was printed on a model’s face but in actual fact, it’s a sculpture- which is why I think it’s amazing.  Krisztianna is a Los Angeles based painter/ sculptor/illustrator but above all, she is a storyteller, as most artists are.

One look at these sculptures and Day of the Dead comes to mind; the lavish festivities surrounding the event to honour the dead and celebrate life.  It’s a wonderful holiday and I love it.  Krisztianna calls these sculptures Muertitas, mixed media wall pieces which explores the cycles of nature.  The artist is particularly fascinated by the themes of birth, death, and rebirth and explores these concepts in her work.  Interestingly, the artist also does illustrations for children’s stories.

A graphic designer by day, Krisztianna’s work is details intensive. The sculptures are made of wood, styrofoam, twine, wire, glue, tape, paper maché, clay, synthetic flowers, freeze-dried leaves and plants, acrylic paint and acrylic sealants.  The process requires several steps, from construction of wire frames to the layering of paper maché, and each step requires a full night of drying.  A Muertita can take weeks to complete and the artist intends to introduce more of them.

Even if Day of the Dead is over, death and life deserves to be celebrated every day!

X Sybil

(Images from Krisztianna)

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