Jen Stark: A kaleidoscope of colours

Maybe it’s the holiday season, the air feels cooler, the mood lighter and I feel like the world’s going to burst into a kaleidoscope of colours that will fall like snowflakes.  Something like Jen Stark‘s works; so colourful and cheery.

A contemporary artist whose signature work is paper sculpture, Stark also works with drawing and animation.  Her inspiration comes from microscopic patterns, wormholes and sliced anatomy.

Using the idea of replication and infinity, echoing patterns and intelligent designs found in nature, she now works with paper, wood and mirrors. Her works are optically stimulating and interestingly, gives me a burst of energy, perfect for this holiday season.

Jen Stark- Centrifugal ( Paper Sculpture)

Jen Stark- Speed of Light ( Paper Sculpture)

Jen Stark- Microscopic Entrance ( Paper Sculpture)

Jen Stark- Celestial Continum ( Drawing )

“Holographic Circle” / 20″ x 20″ x 35.5″ / acid-free foam board, holographic paper, glue, wood & paint / 2012

Happy Holidays everyone!

X Alex

(All images from Jen Stark)

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