WOLF. by Sofie Claes

Another label I came across in Berlin is WOLF. by Sofie Claes.  Described as “minimalistic, timeless designs and quality craftsmanship”, the intended look exemplifies a strong appearance and down-to-earth style with attention to detailing.  Deconstruction and reconstruction is a consistent thread in Wolf’s pieces.  Made in Belgium, the garments contribute to the sustainability and traditions of Belgian fashion.  Each piece has a hand stamped label with an identification number; hence every piece is a unique work of art.

The designer, Sofie Claes, is based in Antwerp where she runs her own atelier.  She was identified by Antwerp Management School as one of the next generation of Flemish designers to watch out for.  She showed her Autumn/Winter 2011 and Spring/Summer 2012 collections at Paris Fashion Week and was featured in a study of the Belgian fashion industry.

Her Autumn/Winter 2012-2013 collection has just the right number of structured and drape pieces.  The aesthetic is edgy and minimal and there is a no fuss bad ass girl quality to the label.  The collection is inspired by suprematism, an art movement focused on basic geometric forms such as circles, squares, lines, and rectangles, painted in a limited range of colours.  Founded in Russia in 1915, suprematism refers to an art based upon “the supremacy of pure artistic feeling” rather than on visual depiction of objects.

I don’t know if you are inspired but I certainly am.

x Sybil

(Images from WOLF.)

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