Jake Phipps: Pushing the boundaries

I have been really packed these days developing my next few collections and it’s always a joy to come across something during my research process that just grabs my attention instantly as was the case with Jake Phipps‘ designs.

The first piece that caught my eye was his Stellar Console.  Inspired by the amethyst geodes, the piece is created by 900 individually sized and angled mirror sections.  I’ve always loved mirrors and the reflection of light and this piece seems to be just right.  Combining craftsmanship and aesthetics, the piece is limited to 25 editions, making it a collector’s item.



Inspired by cut diamonds. Seems like the sister of the Stellar Console.

LOVE SEAT. Quite self-explanatory.


Pendant hats made from authentic bowler hats. Reminds me of René Magritte’s works. Surreal.


Supposed the ‘world’s thinnest folding chair in production’, the ISIS is just 3cm thick. Chic and modern.

Art, found in the most unexpected places.


X Alex

(All images from Jake Phipps)

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