Georgia Hardinge X River Island

As you may know, I am a big fan of collaborations.  Whether the collaborations turn out well is a different story but most of the time, they turn out great and exciting, showcasing fresh new perspectives.

This time round, it’s Georgia Hardinge with River Island.  I love Georgia’s work for her sculptural aesthetics and ethereal prints, and this collection seems to have maintained the aesthetic even though it’s high street. Quite an amazing attempt I must say.

Inspired by the work of surrealist sculptor and painter, H.R. Giger, Georgia Hardinge created a 14 piece collection of clothing and accessories with 2D prints that look beautifully 3D.

Expect a specially made film created by film maker Alex Turvey which will be shown during London Fashion Week’s biannual Fash/ On Film Festival; an initiative created by River Island and British Council to give film in the fashion industry a boost.

See the teaser of the trailer here. Sensual and mysterious.

Love the statement piece. Can’t wait for the rest of the collection!


X Alex

(Images from guardian, river island, Georgia Hardinge fb)

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One Response to Georgia Hardinge X River Island

  1. MasonBentley says:

    Can see the inspiration x

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