How Very Dare: Dare to be different

Digital printing is all the rage these days, adding to the variety of prints we just have to own.  The fashion label, How Very Dare, has a name that speaks volumes for its creative concept since they “create bold, striking photographic prints that are sure to spark conversations”.

A fairly new label, it was founded in 2011 by three friends who wanted to explore the possibilities of digital printing.  While some people may think that digital printing does not require much effort since the machine does most of the work, the truth is it sometimes take longer to make a piece of garment.  From creating and layout to colour correction and sewing, the designers are involved in every stage of construction, including the photography and editing that makes the prints.

Selected looks from their Danielle Steals My Heart collection:


Notice the black and white stripes in every single outfit?  The designers had subtly incorporated this basic element to create a contrast between the chaotic nature of the prints and the simple pattern of stripes.

x Sybil

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One Response to How Very Dare: Dare to be different

  1. Interesting designs. I like the horse print garments!

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