As delicate as lace: Ceramics by Hitomi Hosono

Exquisitely delicate and detailed, the sculptures created by Hitomi Hosono are as intricate as lace.

”I sculpted a leaf that I found in the garden at home.  It was a simple leaf, not particularly special amongst other leaves.  However, when I started sculpting its shape with clay, I was drawn into its intricacy; the manner in which the veins were branching, how the margins ended. I found many details that I admired in this small leaf. It is my intention to transfer the leaf’s beauty and detail into my ceramic work, using it as my own language to weave new stories for objects.” Hitomi Hosono.

Hosono had trained in Japan, Denmark and London before going on to win awards such as Homes & Gardens Designer Award and Graphic Art on Ceramics at the Museum of Modern Ceramic Art, Tajimi, Japan.  Her works are found in Porcelain Museum, Victoria & Albert Museum, Wedgwood Museum and The Oriental Museum in the University of Durham, UK.

Hitomi Hosono: Leaves Bowl

Leaves Bowl, 2011
Moulded and hand-built porcelain

Hitomi Hosono: Chrysanthemum Tower

Chrysanthemum Tower, 2011
Moulded and hand-built Limoges porcelain

Hitomi Hosono: Black Wisteria Square Box

Black Wisteria Square Box, 2012
Moulded and hand-built black porcelain with gold leaf interior

Hitomi Hosono: Snow Cherry Blossom Box

Snow Cherry Blossom Box, 2013
Moulded and hand-built porcelain with gold leaf interior

I would love to own one of her porcelain boxes, especially a black one.  It’s breathtakingly beautiful in an unconventional way.

x Sybil

(Images from Hitomi Hosono and Adrian Sassoon)

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