Asia Fashion Summit – the Hong Kong delight

This write-up is a little belated but anyone needs a break after four full days of BLUEPRINT. I think I have enough labels to write about for the next couple of months! But I want to discuss in sequence so let’s start with Asia Fashion Summit. The events under Asia Fashion Exchange are more closely packed this year and as a result, you’re bound to miss some events if you are involved in others. In my case, I was involved in BLUEPRINT as Alex’s label, alexandria chen, participated in this year’s edition and as a result, I missed Day 2 of the Summit, which was probably the highlight with Hussein Chalayan being the climax.

In my opinion, Day 1 could almost be summed up as being extremely “service-oriented” and the key message was the importance of service, even when it comes to e-commerce. The one inspiring session was by Douglas Young, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Goods of Desire (G.O.D.) and Dr Peter Lau, Chairman and Chief Executive of Giordano International Limited because it wasn’t about service; it was about design, the essence of an idea and the concept of retail as a psychological need.

AFS 2013 - Douglas Young

Douglas Young, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Goods of Desire (G.O.D.).  G.O.D. is set to open a second outlet in Singapore soon. For those who enjoy their quirky designs, more household accessories and funky tee shirts to be bought!

AFS 2013 - Douglas Young and Dr Lau

Dr Peter Lau, Chairman and Chief Executive, Giordano International Limited said, “Business is about life, not money”, which was extremely refreshing after the line-up of presentations that day. I was glad that at least one session that day approached the subject of fashion not from a revenue-making point of view but rather, from the viewpoint of fashion as a form of life. While Douglas stressed the importance of heritage and culture as a form of lifestyle, Dr Lau spoke about the concept of fashion as a form of self-realisation. The philosophy of self-realisation and self-discovery is also one that we talk about frequently in art so I was really happy when Dr Lau spoke about fashion and retail from that perspective. Finally! I may give Giordano Ladies another go because of Dr Lau…

x Sybil

(Images provided by Asia Fashion Summit)

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