abcense: shoes like architecture


When I first saw abcense at Blueprint, I recognised it as footwear from HEAVY MACHINE. So I asked the sales rep and indeed, the designer was from HEAVY MACHINE. Based in Taipei, abcense is founded by the designer duo Jhuosan and Yoyo, Product Designer and Fashion Designer respectively. The label is described as “the perfect fusion between footwear and design with shoes that combines the simplicity of industrial components and the beauty of traditional shoemaking.”


Inspired by Oriental culture, the designers recreated the concept of “blank-leaving”, a technique used in Oriental poetry and art. In traditional Chinese painting, “blank-leaving” means to leave on purpose a visual hiatus in a painting. The intention is to allow viewers to imagine and develop their own interpretation. This “blank” or “absence” makes the painting more meaningful to the viewer. In the same vein, abcense shoes are created to allow their customers to use their imagination, and create their own stories. abcense believes in self-expression and their designs are guided by this philosophy. According to the label, “the shoes are about self-reflecting; they are an extension of the person, the individual becomes a blank canvas where bold geometric shapes and abstract lines play with unexpected details and silhouettes striving to create a new classical-contemporary style.”


The prices are slightly high for a newly emerged label but quality is emphasised. abcense shoes are created using the finest kidskin, calfskin and suede leather. The leather is hand-dyed, and all shoes are hand-finished. One more decent option for edgy shoes!

x Sybil

(Images provided by abcense)

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