Saloukee’s paper jewellery

Saloukee, a British design label, uses paper for handmade, statement jewellery. Founded in 2008 by designer Sarah Kelly, the on-going inspirations for Saloukee include themes of repetition and pleating which come from Kelly’s fascination with historical costume and contemporary haute couture. The designer had recently published her first book entitled ‘Paper Jewellery’.

Some pieces from Saloukee that I really like:

Flair paper – steel corsage

The corsage, which I think makes a great accessory as it is so versatile, shows the amount of work that goes into these paper jewellery. It can be worn on a jacket, hat or dress or even pinned to a bag.

Large Obverse paper bracelet

Probably inspired by the ruff, there is also a collar version; definitely a statement piece on any given day.

Disperse paper – silver cufflinks

These cufflinks are rather cute and serve as a nice detail given its tiny size.

In case you are wondering about care required for paper jewellery, Saloukee’s paper jewellery is protected by a moisture-resistant sealant which allows the jewellery to be splash and moisture proof.

x Sybil

(Images from Saloukee)

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One Response to Saloukee’s paper jewellery

  1. sherylMJS says:

    I agree, very artistic and creative, love it. Thanks for sharing this to us. Keep it up!

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