Cultures as a source of inspiration: Rachel Entwistle

I have been lusting over Rachel Entwistle’s jewellery for a few weeks now and it’s driving me crazy! Can my accessory drawer really take another ring and bracelet and necklace and maybe two of each!? I give up! I can always wear them to sleep I guess…

Inspired by different cultures and her journeys to Mexico, Guatemala and India, designer Rachel Entwistle translates her travel experiences into intricate and edgy designs. All pieces are handmade in her studio, using metals such as sterling silver, black rhodium and gold.

A look from her Alchemical collection

Looks from the Milagros collection


Entwistle graduated from Cultural studies before she went on to Jewellery Design. With her background in Cultural Studies, she immerses herself into the local culture, customs and superstitions during her travels, using these experiences as her source of inspiration. Anthropology, symbolism and mysticism are the main inspirations behind her collections.

A winner of the International Jewellery London Editor’s Choice for Originality and nominee for New Designer of the Year at the UK Jewellery Awards 2012, Entwistle is also the co-owner of Thor & Wistle-a specialist jewellery boutique in Shoreditch, featuring works by jewellery designers Kamilla Thorsen, Jana Reinhardt, Dominique Lucas and more.

I especially love the Milagros collection. The cross rings are beautiful and would make lovely pinky rings or knuckle rings. I can’t wait to get my hands on one!


x Sybil

(Images from Rachel Entwistle)















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