Singapore Biennale 2013: IF THE WORLD CHANGED

The Singapore Biennale 2013 is back! Held once every 2 years, the Singapore Biennale was established in 2006 to allow artists to collaborate with the international arts community.

The exhibition will be starting tomorrow and will run through 16th Feb 2014. Titled, IF THE WORLD CHANGED, the  artists explored the question of how has the world changed for Southeast Asia? What kind of world would you want to live in?  The exhibition explores concepts such as spirituality; histories, ancestries and futures; the self and the other; exchanges as well as nature and geographies.

Featuring works by 82 artists and artist collectives from 13 countries, majority of the works are by artists or collectives from the region, with specially commissioned pieces for the BIennale.

There will be programs happening this Opening weekend:

Saturday, 26 October, 11am – 5pm
Sunday, 27 October, 12pm – 5pm
Singapore Art Museum, National Museum of Singapore, Peranakan Museum
Saturday, 26 October, 7pm
Sunday, 27 October, 2pm
Singapore Art Museum at 8Q, Moving Image Gallery
Sunday, 27 October 2013, 9pm
Exact venue TBC, East Coast Park
The biennale is held at various venues, mainly in the Bras Basah.Bugis Precinct:
  • Singapore Art Museum
  • SAM at 8Q
  • National Museum of Singapore
  • The Peranakan Museum
  • National Library Building
  • Fort Canning Park
  • Waterloo Centre

Click here for more information. Have a great weekend!

X Alex

(Images from SingaporeBiennale2013 and SB2013)

ART.FUSION: Fashion Fuses Fine Art

4 days of fashion show, fine art and photography.

Held in conjunction with Style Fashion Week LA, ART.FUSION joins art and fashion by showcasingfine artists in photography, fine art, mixed media and sculpture fused with couture fashion, vintage fashion photography from Harper’s Bazaar, VOGUE and the runways shows of Paris during Los Angeles Fashion Week.

There’s also a chance for you to pitch your business idea at The Pitch; “a 2-day pitch competition in which businesses in the fashion industry pitch their ideas and successes to a panel of experts in the following areas: fashion merchandise, finance, business strategy, advertising and private equity and venture capital. Selected by the fashion panel and the audience, contestant winners will receive an rewards package in the form of meetings with top investors in the fashion industry and buyers, one-on-one meetings with business strategy and marketing consultants, brand developers, and financiers, PR recognition as The Pitch Winners and free business incubation services.”

Happening this coming October, from the 14th to the 17th.

More information on the schedule will be out on the website soon. Stay tuned.


X Alex

(All images from STYLE FASHION WEEK )

Hyper Realism: Dirk Dzimirsky

You know someone is really good at what they do when they can replicate something and make it look like the original.

Now, think of what happens if an artist is able to create a drawing that looks like a photograph. Enter Dirk Dzimirsky. Wow to what he has done. Just look at his works below and you will probably get what I mean.

“I want to capture and describe a persons precence and specific inner self. Similar to what a detailed writer might employ in their analysis of an individual, I portray not only the physical attributes, but more importantly the subjects inner presence of life. It’s not too obvious as my work appears most detailed, but I understand my approach as both representational and lyrical, using marks like words and textured areas like paragraphs. All parts of a whole, telling a story about a human being.”  – Dirk Dzimirsky

The artist chose drawings which allowed him to “create many layers over layers of lines and dots which react to each other in order to create a vibrant texture with directions and movement”.

I personally love the black and white drawings. The pictures really capture the mood and all the details superbly. Incredibly well done.

What an inspiration for us all to strive for excellence.

X Alex

(Images from Dirk Dzimirsky )

Art and fashion at WOOYOUNGMI

This is another one of those art and fashion crossovers we love. No one can deny the Korean culture phenomena and WOOYOUNGMI is one of the many successful labels with both global outlook and unique Korean aesthetics. WOOYOUNGMI is founded by two sisters, Woo Youngmi and Woo Janghee and the essence of the brand stems from the unique perspective that comes from female designers creating menswear. They design for one man and it was explained that, “This man, as if a subject in a painting, need never change, he remains always as their ideal.”.

The sisters’ different personalities and styles, Woo Youngmi’s conservative and precise nature along with Woo Janghee’s unconventional and artistic outlook, create the perfect balance for designing together. They believe that “As with art and cultural experiences, fashion too can offer an escape from the mundane.”

What’s more interesting is WOOYOUNGMI’s campaign images. WOOYOUNGMI collaborates with an artist for each new season’s collection, allowing the artist to interpret the collection in his/her own way. The artist will produce a piece of work that will become the print advertising campaign, as well as exhibit their work in MANMADE WOOYOUNGMI, WOOYOUNGMI ‘lifestyle showroom’ which is like a flagship store, concept store and gallery rolled into one.

Lee Song, Around the City (detail), 2011, oil on canvas

Lee Song, one of Korea’s current rising artists, was chosen as the first artist for WOOYOUNGMI’s SS 2012 collection. Both the artist and designers express their desire to describe and heal their contemporary through their work and both parties examine the modern world and its on-going daily routine. Their work offers their viewers and/or patrons a break from the habitual.

The whole concept of how modern man lives all isolated without fulfilling the needs of being attached in a group and being loved, which is the third stage of the psychologist Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory, is what WOOYOUNGMI 2012 A/W Collection and Clemens have in common in their work.

Clemens Krauss, Laughter and Value, 2012, oil on canvas

The next artist chosen for WOOYOUNGMI’s AW 2012 collection is Clemens Krauss. In his series ‘Concepts of Isolation’, he explores the vulnerabilities of the individual in the social context; alienation and isolation. The artist distinctively painted modern men living their lives alone and isolated as they are alienated from their family and co-workers. How are they to recover when they suffer alone?

The latest artist collaboration is with Osang Gwon for WOOYOUNGMI’s SS2013 collection. Osang Gwon is a well-known artist whose works can be seen at major international art fairs. This collaboration probably the most recognisable one since the artist specialise in creating photo-collage sculptures.

As an artist Osang Gwon is very much inspired by fashion and lifestyle magazines, believing that fashion photography, both editorial and advertising campaigns, can reflect the current times in a creative and imaginative way. For this project Osang Gwon created two life-size sculptures Nuages Pattern and Aztec Pattern, both depicting models in WOOYOUNGMI SS2013 clothing.

Finally, some selected looks from WOOYOUNGMI’s SS2014 collection. I love the minimal design aesthetics, the stripes and the tailoring.

x Sybil

(Images from WOOYOUNGMI)

Takahiro Isawaki: Artist with a different medium

How much do we love surprises that life present to us in the most interesting ways? Very very much I’d say.

I came across the works of Takahiro Isawaki today and I thought wow, what an unexpected medium. It’s something that we most probably come in contact day to day, but didn’t think it could be created into an art piece. Working with found objects seem to make the pieces so much more interesting!

Threads emerge from towels, toothbrushes and other items, forming transmission towers, roller coasters, ferris wheels and other structures.

Another work of his that I love is the carvings on duct tape. Detailed topography is created on everyday duct tape, giving these ordinary stationery a new life.

Hope this inspires you as much as it did to me!


X Alex

(Images from Hi Fructose  and thisiscolossal)

Kerry Howley: Hair on your neck

Hi everyone! I’m back, you may not realize that I haven’t been writing any entry for the past month or more because Sybil did such a great job holding up the fort. A million thank you’s and a heart full of gratitude!

BLUEPRINT was a great experience meeting buyers and like-minded creators, there was just so much energy and insight, making friends and getting feedback. After rushing for BLUEPRINT, I spent some time figuring what I want to do after hearing feedback from the buyers. I am still in the process of serious soul searching which includes a lot of ups and downs but once the direction is set, it will be a full sprint forward.

Anyway, I’ve learnt so many things about myself since I started my label and one of them has been my strange obsession with hair. There’s just something about knowing that there is someone’s DNA inside which makes it so mysterious and probably repelling to some at the same time. Here’s someone who seems to share my obsession.

Kerry Howley, a contemporary jeweller and jewellery artist who graduated from Middlesex University, London, creates intriguing neck pieces woven with human hair. She is fascinated by the power materials have to influence our emotional response to jewellery, with a particular interest in how these emotions can be conflicting.

“Attraction/Aversion is a material exploration of how people can feel seemingly opposing emotional responses simultaneously. The necklaces are made of human hair, a familiar material that we take pride in. However once off the body, hair becomes an innate source of aversion. Kerry wanted to see if she could make discarded hair attractive again. Through the familiar form of a necklace, and using patterns and symmetry that are instinctively pleasing, Kerry has created a delicate balance between the viewer/wearer’s feelings of aversion and attraction.”- Kerry Howley’s Homepage

That is the exact same thought I have. I love that it looks so beautiful aesthetically but yet, the fact that it is hair kind of makes your hair stand.

These works were done in 2011, but it would definitely be interesting to see what else she can come up with!


X Alex

(Images from Kerry Howley)

Impressions that last a lifetime: Dior

Impressions Dior

It’s never too late to talk about an exhibition worth visiting, one that attempts to display Impressionism alongside impressions. In 1953, Christian Dior showed his Ligne Tulipe Spring Summer collection which was inspired by flowers and nature and subsequently in his autobiography in 1957, the designer referred explained, “The colors were inspired by Impressionist paintings and evoked the flower-filled fields dear to Renoir and Van Gogh.” Dior was avid art lover and was inspired by the works of the Impressionist masters such as Claude Monet, Edgar Degas and Edouard Manet.

Impressions Dior

Impressions Dior

Impressions Dior

Impressions Dior

The current exhibition held at Musée Christian Dior, Granville, the family home where Dior was born, celebrates the continued relationship between the house of Dior and the Impressionist aesthetic. The exhibition juxtaposes artworks by Degas, Monet and Renoir alongside 74 dresses and the influence Impressionism had on the designs is remarkable.

Catch Impressions Dior at the Musée Christian Dior before it ends on 22 September 2013.

1 Rue d’Estouteville, 50400 Granville, France
Open daily from 10am to 6.30pm daily

x Sybil

(Images from

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