Vintage and second-hand at HUMANA

Shopping in Europe isn’t always cheap, that’s why H&M is always crowded!  To find something different and continue my hunt for vintage and second-hand clothing, I went to HUMANA in both Milan and Berlin.  The prices are reasonable and if you dig deep enough, you’ll find steals like an ESCADA jacket for 39 euros.  The HUMANA in Berlin is amazing and I have some pictures to show for it!

First off, the place is crazy ass huge.  There are five levels.  The clothing are neatly arranged, coloured coded and pattern coded even.  This is no Salvation Army but to be fair, there are organised Salvation Army stores, just not in Singapore.  On the fifth level, vintage is organised by decades and from the 1920s onwards.  Aside from clothing, shoes, bags and accessories, there are even a few racks of costumes.  The selection here is beyond comprehensive.









The only problem is most clothing come in average European sizes and it’s near impossible to find something in Asian petite size.  Nonetheless, it was an inspiring visit!

x Sybil

(Images by self)

Berlin fashion: BAGAZ

It’s time to introduce Berlin designers.  They’re not easy to find but thanks to concept shops like KONZEPT86, emerging fashion designers have a platform to showcase their collections.

From my recent visit, I discovered several Berlin labels and one of them is BAGAZ.  A young label, BAGAZ is founded by Yuliya Gröling and Veronika Filonova in 2011.  Yuliya studied art history and Veronika studied architecture, giving them a unique perception on fashion.  According to the two designers, BAGAZ is a symbiosis of Grunge and modern architecture, made for women who want to emphasise their individuality.  The intended look is fierce and powerful, in monochrome cotton, silk and woolen fabrics.  Winter is typically dark in Europe and in Berlin, you get a real sense of how the Germans mix layers of different fabrics in various dark hues for that cool winter chic look.

Titled Invention of Grey Reality, below are selected looks from BAGAZ’s Autumn Winter 2012 collection.





It’s no wonder the only way to look good in so many layers is to go with dark colours.  The pieces are simple, minimal and structured, which makes layering for the winter effortless.


x Sybil

(Images from BAGAZ)


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