Black: the colour of sophistication

It’s never easy to find a gift for a guy, especially a gift that is sleek, modern and classic at the same time.  The only way to approach this complicated gift searching process is to go for brands that are well, modern and classic, like Dunhill.

I’ve been looking for a gift for some time now.  The one criterion I have is that it must be entirely black.  That’s when I found this cufflinks.  They are not just any cufflinks.  They are made out of jet stone, a stone that was formed approximately 182 million years ago during the Jurassic period.  How’s that for timeless?  Dunhill managed to incorporate them into a modern and sleek design that is so simple and versatile. Yes, it’s probably more than what we’re used to paying for a pair of cufflinks but I bet they’ll last you another few hundred of years. Hell, a stone like that probably belongs in a museum.

black tie black jet stone cufflinks

Another option is this all black pen that features an innovative lacquer finish containing genuine crushed black diamonds and meteorite stone.  It’s also limited edition. I want it for myself.

limited edition sentryman meteorite rollerball pen

It’s too bad that they don’t have an all black lighter.  A close match would be this iconic Rollagas lighter with black lacquer, a timeless classic piece.  My grandfather had a similar one.  I like that the logo has been moved from the front of the lighter to the roller itself, the design looks cleaner that way.

black lacquer rollagas lighter

Finally, to top it all off, Dunhill’s range of leather collection includes a functional overnight bag that is all black of course.  A unique graphic carbon fibre print is applied to black leather, ensuring that the bag is durable with a high degree of resistance to scratch and water.

chassis small holdall

Available at Dunhill, shopping for men just got easier.

X Sybil

(Images from Dunhill)

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