It is Hussein Chalayan’s turn!

Les Arts Décoratifs in Paris has organised an exhibition on Hussein Chalayan.  Showcasing his works from the past 16 years of his career, it’s evident that Chalayan’s experimentation with technology and innovation is extraordinary.  One of the highlights includes his iconic dress-turned-wooden skirt-turned-coffee table creation.  Known for his use of unconventional materials,  Chalayan’s graduate collection was entitled Tangent Flows and consisted of garments that has been oxidised after being buried for three months in his garden.  On show are also films and installations commissioned as art pieces by various art organisations.

Collection Readings, printemps/été 2008, © Christopher Moore

On his fascination with unconventional methods of construction, he explained, “It wasn’t a decision. As I am a curious person and an ideas person, everything I do is imbued with my curiosity and my love of exploring ideas.”  Read his interview with AnOther here.

Collection Airborne, automne/hiver 2007, © Christopher Moore

Hussein Chalayan: récits de mode is on show from 5 July to 21 November 2011 at Les Arts Décoratifs, Paris, located at 107, rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris, France.

X Sybil

(Images from Les Arts Décoratifs‘ website)

Art & Fashion. Between Skin and Clothing

Ah… Another art and fashion exhibition. Food for the soul and this time, it is in Wolfsburg, Germany.

First shown at the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, the exhibition has been reshaped for Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg by curators José Teunissen and Annelie Lütgens. I like that the exhibition features artworks alongside fashion items, literally. Clothing and objects by Walter Van Beirendonck, Louise Bourgeois, Hussein Chalayan, Christophe Coppens, Comme des Garçons, Salvador Dalí, Naomi Filmer, Robert Gober, Martin Margiela, Francesco Vezzoli, Viktor & Rolf, Anna-Nicole Zische, etc  will be on display.

The exhibition explores the relationship between art and fashion, its connectedness and its influence on each other. Fashion is not only a form of self expression but an avenue of expression for one’s art and culture. Similar to art making, designers express their opinions and ideas in their collection, as artists do in their artworks. Possible highlights of the exhibition include works from the 90s to the present, where designers such as Viktor & Rolf and Hussein Chalayan presented fashion shows that looked like art-installations and clothing that were works of art.

Viktor & Rolf, Maryna, The Fashion Show collection, Autumn/winter 2007-2008
( Photo: Peter Stigler, model Maryna Linchuk -DNA Models)

Walter van Beirendonck, Green Beard, eXplicit Collection Spring/summer 2009
( Photo: Ronald Stoops)

It will be fascinating to study the manifestation of wearable art; how it started, how it has evolved and perhaps even, how it will transform and revolutionize our lifestyles in future.

Art & Fashion. Between Skin and Clothing
Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg
Hollerplatz 1, 38440 Wolfsburg, Germany
Now till 7 August 2011

X Sybil

(Images from Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg)

Part jewelry, totally art – Naomi Filmer

I was leisure-researching at the library the other day when I came across Naomi Filmer’s Orchid Neck piece.

I was immediately drawn to the blown up proportion of the neck piece. It is definitely a statement piece and I was curious what other works the creator of this art piece produced.

Here are some fantastic pieces that reflect her conceptual thought process. Using fine metals and other interesting materials (like chocolate and ice), Naomi focuses on parts of the human body.

She has collaborated with Alexander McQueen, Hussein Chalayan, Julien MacDonald etc in the early 90s. Today she works in Milan, creating jewelry for designers such as Armani and Burberry. (Information attained from V&A)

I really think her pieces are art museum worthy and the aesthetics are clean yet loud, very in your face. Quite a fresh take for jewelry.

X Alex

(Images from fesjon, thebritishcouncil, coolhunting)

The art of Hussein Chalayan

One person I look up to other than Alexander McQueen is Hussein Chalayan. Amongst all the other designers, both of them have the ability to dream. They create a fantasy world in their minds and are able to translate it to their clothes. As we wear their clothes, their dreams are realised and we become part of their fantasy world.

It’s a beautiful world, intricately detailed and theatrical for McQueen, and pure and thought-provocating for Chalayan.

I was deeply intrigued by Chalayan’s works (and still is) and I simply cannot forget the collection with furniture that ‘transformed’ into wooden garments.

As seen here, the daily table looks so ‘innocent’ in the room.

The mannequins look so at peace with themselves here. It’s almost as though they feel as light as the dresses look on them.

One of my favourites is still the dresses that transformed on the runway. Please watch the video clip to fully enjoy the process. I can’t remember if my jaws dropped in amazement or if I was just stumped at how it was achieved, but the effect it had on me was something to that extend.

Read his interview with The Indepedent here.

(All images from Hussein Chalayan’s blog.)

X Alex

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