See for yourself: Fashion is an art

Former creative director of Kenzo, Antonio Marras is as much of an artist, as a fashion designer.  He is known for his sketches and his collaborations with artists.  Marras’ notebooks are filled with drawings and collages with lots of references to his exploration of fabrics and materials used in his creations.  He is a leading figure in the fashion industry and has shown his artistic projects in museums worldwide.  We enter his world through his notebooks. Antonio Marras Antonio Marras Antonio Marras
“Notebooks are my companions. Without them I am lost. And with them, I am never lonely.”
~ Antonio Marras
Antonio Marras Antonio Marras Antonio Marras

When asked about the border between art and fashion, he says “Today we have to bring into question this categorization; it’s not simply a matter of mutual influence or lending: the border between art and fashion is more and more faded to the point that an entire range of intermediate experiences is difficult to classify in one field or in the other. Personally, I have always been interested in working on spaces of creative autonomy. Freedom is a luxury but I want to create something crossing pure fashion, something born out of independent moments of life, as I did when I worked with Maria Lai and Carol Rama. Their approach naturally matches with what I have always created. For sure, I am lucky, I do what I love, my work allows me to mix everything: clothes, music, theatre, cinema… I remember a story about Maria Lai. Once, I confessed her I had stolen one of her drawings. She answered: “Art is stealing, continuously. Don’t worry: I’m always stealing too. When you steal it, the artwork becomes yours”: well, we can say that I steal something from a context to give it to the other and vice versa…”

x Sybil

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Jen Stark: A kaleidoscope of colours

Maybe it’s the holiday season, the air feels cooler, the mood lighter and I feel like the world’s going to burst into a kaleidoscope of colours that will fall like snowflakes.  Something like Jen Stark‘s works; so colourful and cheery.

A contemporary artist whose signature work is paper sculpture, Stark also works with drawing and animation.  Her inspiration comes from microscopic patterns, wormholes and sliced anatomy.

Using the idea of replication and infinity, echoing patterns and intelligent designs found in nature, she now works with paper, wood and mirrors. Her works are optically stimulating and interestingly, gives me a burst of energy, perfect for this holiday season.

Jen Stark- Centrifugal ( Paper Sculpture)

Jen Stark- Speed of Light ( Paper Sculpture)

Jen Stark- Microscopic Entrance ( Paper Sculpture)

Jen Stark- Celestial Continum ( Drawing )

“Holographic Circle” / 20″ x 20″ x 35.5″ / acid-free foam board, holographic paper, glue, wood & paint / 2012

Happy Holidays everyone!

X Alex

(All images from Jen Stark)

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