Tokujin Yoshioka

Just 44 years old, Tokujin Yoshioka has a heavy weight resume under his belt. Having worked for Issey Miyake and Shiro Kuramata for years, he set up his own design company in 2000 and has collaborated with Hermes, Toyota, BMW, Swaroski and many others.

With works that look more like art pieces then design works, it’s n wonder how his works are displayed in art museums world wide.

Honey-pop chair.

ToFU Lamp

Here’s a collaboration with Hermes. I love how he cleverly potrayed the lightness of the scarf with the ‘person’ blowing the scarf and how the scarf ‘floats’ in the wind.

His Waterfall installation is just absolutely beautiful. I can just imagine standing in the centre in the sea of white, in peaceful quietness.

X Alex

(Images from MoMa and Tokujin Yoshioya )

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