A dancer by training, Nick Cave’s art crosses the different art practices of dance, sculpture, fashion, and music. He makes costumes, which he calls soundsuits, with textiles and found objects. These soundsuits are worn for performances and dancing in them creates percussive music. Featured in the September issue of Vogue, the artist is seen in his soundsuits while wearing bags and footwear from labels such as Yves Saint Laurent and Dior.


This amazing costume has found objects hanging all over the artist’s head and torso, as if the body is really only a centre of an orbit of found objects from a carnival. This particular soundsuit also comes in the form of a tin toy magnet from Nick Cave’s SoundSuitShop.


Definitely categorised as wearable art, although I’m not sure if it is functional. Nonetheless, the amount of work that goes into the soundsuits is amazing.


My personal favourite, this soundsuit is so fun! I like how it looks like an alien from far and when you are near, it is really just a soundsuit with what looks like abacus…

The artist also uses tights in many of his soundsuits.  Here what looks like a bag lady on fire is really an incredible collage of textiles with rich colours!

(All images from Jack Shainman Gallery)

 X Sybil

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