‘Where fashion & art meets’

Alex works in the fashion industry. Sybil works in the arts industry. This blog was conceived from a casual discussion about how clothing in Japan is so artistically done and how some garments challenge the label of fashion vs art.

Covering events/ shows/ exhibitions/ shops/ buys that we come across from time to time, we hope this space will be a sketchbook record of our search for everything that inspires – where the lines of art and fashion blurs.

fashionartisan do not claim ownership over all the images found on this site and will oblige to remove any images upon the request of the original copyright holder. Images posted are credited to their respective sources.

5 Responses to About

  1. Sam Law says:


    I have just read through your posts about Alexander McQueen – He is still one of my absolute fav designers and i totally agree – Don’t think I will ever be able to get over him too!

    I saw you had written that you did your dissertation on him – I’m currently half way through mine and I just wondered how you were able to conduct research about him/the brand etc? I’m just intrigued to find out how you did this 🙂

    Thanks very much

    Kind regards!!


    • Hi Sam!
      I did my dissertation on him 7 years ago so I’m not sure if the information is still relevant. You can try checking out ‘Contemporary Fashion’ (St. James Press) and ‘Influential Fashion’ (Kellogg Paterson and Bay Swindell) and google everything else.The internet has always been my best friend! All the best for you dissertation! 🙂

      X Alex

  2. Fiona Mckay says:

    Hey there,

    Thanks for creating such a wonderful blog! I come of an art history background and am now doing an MA in Fashion Curation in London. I can definitely relate as I’m always trying to find this symbiotic relationship between fashion and art.

    Best wishes

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