Micah Lidberg for Haruki Murakami

“His imagery is incredibly detailed and beautiful, and wonderfully odd sometimes. You get the feeling Murakami is a person who has quietly observed the world and its ways for quite some time,” said artist Micah Lidberg.  In conjunction with NOWNESS‘ Haruki Murakami design competition, Lidberg created five works, inspired by Murakami’s titles.  These are magnificent works of illustration, mirroring the complex mind of Murakami.  Lidberg’s works are fascinating and visually arresting, often with busy layouts and vibrant colours but almost always, the story is dark, particularly for the Murakami series.


As much as the works are a reflection of Murakami’s stories, Lidberg’s artistic personality shines through.  Some of his clients include Beautiful/Decay, New York Times Magazine, NYLON and Untitled Magazine.


NOWNESS invites all to submit an original artwork inspired by Murakami’s stories for an exclusive signed copy of his new novel 1Q84 and a complete archive of his previous works.  More information on the competition available here.


X Sybil

(Images from NOWNESS)

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